My Amazing, Supportive Principal

I’m one lucky girl! I have the pleasure of knowing the kindest, most sincere, thoughtful, and selfless person. His name is Darin Wilcox and he is my Assistant Principal at Groves High School in Southfield, Michigan. The truth is I really only got to know him this year and I credit my involvement with reWEARable for helping us build such a close relationship.

Mr. Wilcox took an interest in me and reWEARable far beyond anything you would expect from a principal. He supported my passion and formed his own passion for reWEARable. With the help of him and his wife, Gina Wilcox, my mom and I along with five of my friends went to A.L. Holmes Academy of Blended Learning and styled, and dressed about 25 8th grade girls for graduation and a dance.

The special thing about this event was how we all got to bond with some amazing young girls that were mature beyond their years. This took place during school so they relied on us and their teachers for help. These girls had incredible fashion sense but they were also open to trying different things. In the end it was a great collaboration and all the girls and volunteers left fulfilled, beautiful, and happy. 

xxoo reWEARable