Making Prom A Reality

My parents were good people. They did the best they were capable of for my sister and me. I wouldn’t change a thing from those days as I’ve grown into a successful and resourceful woman who looks adversity in the face and welcomes challenges.

I was raised by a single mother. My father is a nice man, but he and my mom had a very ugly divorce. The bitterness between the two of them stretched way beyond just hurting each other. He was the earner in the household. My mother was smart but unfortunately not great with money. I would often times go long periods of time, even years, without seeing him or that side of the family. We certainly weren’t in a position to ask for money.

My mom, sister, and I often went without. We moved in the middle of the night to avoid bill collectors, landlords, had no electric or heat, and certainly didn’t have extra funds for luxuries like school trips or dances. Meals were a struggle. I’ve worked since I was 14 to help buy everyday items most people take for granted; a new shirt, dinner with friends, gas to get to and from school because there was no bus and my mom worked 70 hours a week.

Senior prom is a pretty huge experience and going to a school in Grosse Point, Michigan where most of the kids are well off only added to the pressure to measure up. I was asked! I decided I could only rely on myself to make it happen. My date and I went in on the tickets together. I put a tremendous amount of pressure on myself leading up to the dance to earn enough money for the dress, the shoes, the accessories, hair, makeup–the whole shebang! I literally rolled coins to make it happen. I was working so hard that I was exhausted and my school work suffered.

Now many years later, I wouldn't change a thing. I realize what I spent at the time could have gone to school supplies, books, college classes, and more. That’s why when I heard about what Dani Lutz and reWEARable are doing I felt my eyes well up and it reminded me of how overwhelming and stressful that time leading up to prom was. Not having to pay for a dress, shoes, hair etc. would have been a huge weight off my shoulders. By donating a dress, shoes, or an accessory you will be creating wonderful memories for young women everywhere that want to be a part of that special night. It’s such an amazing and simple way for everyone to be included in this right of passage.

This is just one example of reWEARable's continued mission to make it easier for families to enjoy their daughter's very special night. We are so grateful for people who donate and look to impact many more!

xxoo reWEARable

Big Event Coming Up!

We are 4 days out until reWEARable’s 1st BIG PROM DRESS GIVEAWAY on Thursday, March 22nd from 4:00-7:30pm. 

Our headquarters, aka my living room, is filled with over 400 beautiful dresses, amazing shoes, and great accessories. Put it all together and you get hundreds of gorgeous head to toe looks for this year’s prom! We cannot wait for this event and to #helpdetroitshine. Use the hashtag to participate and follow along on social media!

xxoo reWEARAble