reWEARable Story + Update

As junior year comes to an end I just want to reflect on my journey with reWEARable. When the idea came to my mind to start own non-profit to collect dresses for girls who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford them for prom, I thought how could I–a 15 year-old high schooler–collect enough dresses, shoes, and accessories to make a difference? I'll tell you, honestly: one step at a time. 

The first thing I did in August was come up with a name. Actually, my mom's best friend did (thanks Shira!). The second thing was to get a lawyer and create a 501c3 to establish reWEARable as a non-profit, which my dad helped me do. The third and probably the hardest, but most exciting, was to reach out to my family, friends, as well as the entire community for dresses, shoes, and accessories! I made calls, went to stores, sent texts, wrote emails, asked friends of friends (of friends) for donations. Thankfully, our family, friends, and community especially came through with flying colors!

My house was basically a store–having collected almost 300 dresses by January. Every time I thought things were sized and organized, another load of dresses came in. I was almost in over my head, but thanks to my mom and the best 6th grade girl I know, Bella Collins, our Sunday's became like a princess party. At our March 22nd event that year, we surpassed our goal with close to 800 dresses!

Without the community's support, reWEARable never would have happened. I received additional help from local stores, high end retailers out of New York, people in my neighborhood, you name it. Marshalls put donation boxes in 24 of their break rooms which was a huge help. The dresses came pouring in (and this is just to name some of the support). In the end, we put on two amazing events and helped with another. It was not only incredibly rewarding to see girls smiling in their prom dresses, but the overwhelming happiness of their teachers, parents, aunts, uncles, and friends who knew what a weight had been lifted off their shoulders was invaluable.

I am proud to say through reWEARable I was able to give hundreds of girls their "princess moment". I'm proud of what I started and can't wait to see what 2019 will bring.

SO, what's reWEARable been up to?

Well, Marshalls is fully on board for next year! We are reaching out to tons of new vendors and stores this year, with some even approaching us. We are already scouting locations in Detroit to hold events as well. reWEARable wants to host several events this year, so if you think your school might be interested please send us an email! We are also looking for for girls grades 9-11 to form a reWEARable Board. We will be electing positions in the late Fall/early Winter. Look out for more information on our Facebook and Instagram!

Thank you for all the support!

xxoo reWEARable

Wish Upon A Teen Event

I am incredibly humbled by an experience I had last May. reWEARable was asked to participated in Mojo in the Morning's Wish Upon A Prom, put on by Wish Upon A Teen. Wish Upon A Teen's mission is to make a difference in the lives of teens with severe life-limiting conditions.

In this case, the partnership puts on a prom for teens who are unable to attend their own school's prom. They didn't miss a beat–gorgeous dresses, hair, makeup, giveaways, a beautiful dance floor, DJs, food, and of course, Mojo! My best friend Lizzie and I had the pleasure of helping some of the girls find dresses. They were so sweet, beautiful, and excited to dance the night away. 

I am truly lucky to have had the opportunity to work on such a wonderful event. I would love to continue to support Wish Upon A Teen at prom next year or any way I can in the future. 

xxoo reWEARable

My Amazing, Supportive Principal

I’m one lucky girl! I have the pleasure of knowing the kindest, most sincere, thoughtful, and selfless person. His name is Darin Wilcox and he is my Assistant Principal at Groves High School in Southfield, Michigan. The truth is I really only got to know him this year and I credit my involvement with reWEARable for helping us build such a close relationship.

Mr. Wilcox took an interest in me and reWEARable far beyond anything you would expect from a principal. He supported my passion and formed his own passion for reWEARable. With the help of him and his wife, Gina Wilcox, my mom and I along with five of my friends went to A.L. Holmes Academy of Blended Learning and styled, and dressed about 25 8th grade girls for graduation and a dance.

The special thing about this event was how we all got to bond with some amazing young girls that were mature beyond their years. This took place during school so they relied on us and their teachers for help. These girls had incredible fashion sense but they were also open to trying different things. In the end it was a great collaboration and all the girls and volunteers left fulfilled, beautiful, and happy. 

xxoo reWEARable